Is Earth Hour a waste of resources and focus?

11 Mar

On March 26th, people all around the world will turn off their lights.  Last year, I was one of them, and this year I will probably do the same.  However, if I look at this event objectively, I find the resources and focus could be better spent.  It is really a cultural event, a way for greens to show their solidarity and feel good about accomplishing something.  Not much is accomplished, although perhaps a few more people are made aware of climate change.

Even if more people are motivated to make green changes in their lives, what in the end does this actually accomplish? If we actually manage to use less energy, then the cost of coal and oil go down, and someone else (most likely in China or India) uses it instead.  The total fossil fuels used basically stays the same (or even increases, because by keeping dirty energy cheap we are stunting the growth of investment green energy).

I have an idea, and maybe it is a bad one, but if we really cared about doing something meaningful this Earth Hour, we should all find creative ways to make dirty energy prices spike through some sort of mass disruption or vandalism to the dirty energy supply line that could result in increased costs for energy bills and at the pump.

For liability reasons, of course I am not suggesting that you do any of this.   But just for the sake of talking, does anyone have any ideas?

– Green Heretic


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